Joan - 2017 - In Development

A visually explosive and provocatively tender art film, which is an ode to female beauty, intelligence, sexuality and desire, and its harmonising of the feminine and masculine energies.

Working in collaboration with a Heloise Tunstall-Behrens, Auclair, Jessica Batut and a host of the finest contemporary European Dancers.




The Murmuring - 2014 

Projections for Dance Performance at Royal Opera House and then on tour.

Working in Collaboration with choreographer Alexander Whitley and dancers from the Ballet Boyz.





Zagreus - 2013

Dance film in collaboration with Romeu Runa







Chthonic - 2012/14

Live Visuals for Raime World Tour







Ayanna Witter-Johnson: Black Panther - 2013








Complete Hero - 2009

Collaboration with Artist Martin Firrell







Cinematic Orchestra: To Build a Home - 2007

Radar Music Video Festival - Award Winning Promo









8950 - 2004

Experimental Film Chronicling a year in a 24 year old's life