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TABITHA - 2017 - In Development

An urban story of a young man trying to find his way in the relentless mundanity of an unyielding city, who is offered an escape by someone from another world.







At the Edge of Night (Producer) - 2016 - In Post

Sometimes, the things you can't let go come back to haunt you.








The Reeling Skinner Wedding - 2011 - 31 Mins

Alice Skinner- East End girl, marries into the Reeling Family in the early 1980s. Everyone was there.

A Collaboration with the Gideon Reeling Company.









Watching (producer) - 2010 - 14mins  

Josh sits alone in a café watching the world go by, but when Carrick walks into his life the scene is set for an opportunity that could change him forever. Suddenly the ability to spot where truth lies, and lies begin, will make or break you in this edge of your seat thriller.


Best Actor (Ian Hart) British Independent Short Film Festival

Best Screenplay (Nico Mensinga) Manhattan Short Film Festival